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How to Factory IMEI Unlock an iPhone 5, 4S, 3GS on iOS 6

While we addressed one frequently asked question earlier this week, today we’re going to tackle another. A number our iPhone readers at jailbreaking iOS 6 submit questions pertaining to unlocking on a daily basis. For those of you who are unaware, the process of unlocking allows users to take their iPhone to a different carrier and use their services in lieu of their original provider.

All iPhones, save the ones that are bought in full for the unsubsidized price, are locked to the carrier they were purchased from.

How is Unlocking different from Jailbreaking iOS 6?

Jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered and Unlock iPhone 5 iPhone 4S

As mentioned above, unlocking and jailbreaking are two completely different processes, which yield different results. When a user jailbreaks an iOS device, they’re essentially installing Cydia and opening it to an entirely new world of third-party applications, themes and much more (additional details here). Alternatively, when an iPhone is unlocked, it allows the user to switch to other carriers and services.

The three different Unlocks: 

Although most users are only aware of one or two types of unlock methods, there are actually a total of three; all of which are detailed below.

Software-based iPhone Unlock

Currently, the only major software unlock for the iPhone is through a utility developed by the iPhone Dev Team called Ultrasn0w. However, before you get your hopes up, there are severe limitations to the tool, as it hasn’t received a significant update in well over a year. Ultrasn0w officially supports up to iOS 5.1.1 and is able to unlock select iPhone models on specific basebands (Modem Firmware). Here’s a list of supported iPhones and basebands:

  • iPhone 3G and 3GS – 04.26.08, 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04, and 06.15.00 (the iPad baseband).
  • iPhone 4 – Unfortunately, Ultrasn0w only supports the iPhone 4 on baseband 01.59.00.

If you have an older iPhone, you can determine if your baseband is compatible by opening the Settings app, navigating to General, About and looking for the Modem Firmware.

Hardware-based iPhone Unlock

To simply sum it up, a hardware unlock utilizes the addition of a small device that’s inserted into the iPhone underneath the SIM card, which then allows the device to function on unsupported carriers. While it sounds great, the major problem with hardware-based unlocks is that similar to Ultrasn0w, not all iPhone basebands are supported.

Additionally, more often than not, resellers of hardware unlock solutions are simply there to make money and exclude which iPhones and basebands are included and supported by their products.

IMEI iPhone 5, 4S, 4, 3GS and 3G Unlock

As apparent by the title of this section, IMEI unlocks are truly the only way to go if you’re looking to unlock your iPhone on the latest iOS 6 firmware or earlier. Before we go too in-depth, it’s crucial to mention that an iPhone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 17 or 15 digit code, which is used by manufacturers and carriers to identify and differentiate every mobile phone. To determine your iPhone’s IMEI, simply open the Phone app and dial *#06#.  Apple utilizes an iPhone’s IMEI to categorize iPhones by either factory locked or factory unlocked.

Which iPhones, Firmwares and Basebands are covered through IMEI unlocks?

Essentially, because companies who provide IMEI unlocks employ the same methods as official carriers, an iPhone’s firmware and baseband are irrelevant.  Moreover, the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3Gs can all be unlocked by their IMEI.

Firmwares supported through IMEI unlock methods – 

  • iOS 4: 4.0 – 4.3.5 (including the following, 4.0.1 / 4.0.2 / 4.1 / 4.2.1 / 4.3.1 / 4.3.2 / 4.3.3 / 4.3.4)
  • iOS 5: 5.0 / 5.0.1 / 5.1 / 5.1.1
  • iOS 6: Apple’s latest 6.0.1 firmware and their upcoming iOS and 6.1 version

As mentioned above, all basebands for the supported iPhones are covered through IMEI unlocks. However, if you still want to check, the following are compatible:

Get Paid iOS 6 Apps For Free Through Apple’s App Store, iPhone, iPod touch, iPad

Here at Jailbreaking iOS 6, we receive numerous questions pertaining to downloading paid App Store applications for free. While we don’t support piracy, there’s a great alternative for iOS users who don’t mind downloading already-free apps for iOS 6 to earn gift cards for either Apple’s iTunes/App Store or for Amazon.

Last week, a popular iOS YouTuber by the name of iCrackUriDevice posted a video of a great service that allows you to easily earn points, which can then be exchanged for gift cards. Again, earning free paid iOS 6 apps is as easy as three simple steps:

Jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered Free Paid Apps

  • Navigate to the site through Safari on your iOS-based (quick link:
  • Install the simple tracking certificate – don’t worry, it’s verified by Apple to be 100% safe. The certificate is simply to ensure that you actually download and open the specific app for at least thirty seconds.
  • Download one of the free promotional applications, open it for 30 seconds, exit out and you’ll see the points the next time you refresh the site.

How does the Free iOS 6 Apps Service work?

Developers who are interested in promoting their apps pay the service to host the applications in their “sponsored” section. While there are numerous advantages to advertising on a high-traffic site with rewards for downloading apps, the key reason why a developer would utilize such a platform is to boost organic rankings in the iOS App Store. Although numerous factors are used to determine rankings, Apple’s algorithm places more weight on how many times the app has been downloaded in a specific timeframe.

Additionally, developers of premium applications with rich and engaging content hope that the users who download their apps will continue to either use or play them.

Finally, we’ve personally tested this service and can verify that it works and gift cards can actually be redeemed. Thanks for reading and to receive updates and notifications on additional free paid Apple iOS 6 apps, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our Jailbreaking iOS 6 and Free 6.0 apps news feed.

Jailbreak iPad and Unlocking the iPhone are now ‘Illegal’ under the DMCA

Jailbreak iPad 4, mini and older iPads about to become illegal – The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) states that, under United States law, it’s illegal to bypass digital rights belonging to consumer devices and software. On October 25th, the exemptions to the act were modified and revise – specifically the ones that encompass the act of jailbreaking iOS-based iPads and unlocking iPhones.

Back when the 2010 exemptions were modified, the process to jailbreak and unlock was considered completely legal. However, the new revisions to the DMCA are about to change everything.

Jailbreak iPhones with iOS 6.0 firmware Legal, but not iPads

Jailbreak iOS 6.1 iPad 4 mini UnTethered Illegal iPhone Unlock

Thankfully, the revision to the DMCA protect the exemption that was put in place in 2010, which lawfully permits the circumvention of, “computer programs that enable wireless telephone handsets to execute lawfully obtained software applications, where circumvention is accomplished for the sole purpose of enabling interoperability…”. Essentially, that clause allows customers to bypass the standard operating system to install “lawfully obtained” third-party applications or to jailbreak their iPhones (“telephone handsets”).

While jailbreaking one’s iPhone is still considered legal, it’s a different story for Apple’s line of iPad tablets. According to the Librarian of Congress, the position that has the power to grant exemptions, the iPad is categorized as a tablet, which is a vague an “ill-defined” product category. For instance, a portable electronic device as simple as an eReader to one as complex as a laptop could technically be considered a tablet. Unfortunately, it’s because “tablets”  lack a narrow and categorizable definition that the process of jailbreaking a device such as the iPad is now technically illegal.

Moreover, the DMCA will change the legality of unlocking the iPhone, or any smartphone, come January of 2013. In 2006 and 2010, the exemptions outlined in the act expressly stated that unlocking a cellphone and using it under another carrier is permitted. However, the Librarian of Congress had a change of heart this year due to a simple fact. When customers purchase software or a device, they don’t entirely own it, but rather license it according to the terms specified in the End User License Agreement. Unlocking apparently undermines and infringes upon the End User License Agreement.

The new exemptions and revision to the DMCA will take effect tomorrow, October 28th, and customers who purchase their iPhones prior to January of 2013 will be able to legally unlock. Unfortunately, if a smartphone or an iPhone is purchased after that date, it will be considered “illegal” to unlock their device without the explicated permission of the original carrier.

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iPad mini and iPad 4 Features Review and iOS 6.0 UnTethered Jailbreak Details

After announcing the new 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro and updates to both the iMac and Mac mini desktop computers, Apple unveiled the brand iPad mini and the 4th Generation iPad or the iPad 4.

While neither iOS 6.1 nor iOS 6.0.1 were announced during the event, like expected, it’s possible that the two iPads will ship with a newer version of iOS 6 than the current 6.0 firmware.

iPad mini, iPad 4 and iOS 6 Jailbreak

Jailbreak 6.1 iOS 6.0.1 UnTethered iPad mini iPad 4

iPad 4 (4th Generation) versus iPad mini [via REUTERS]

After retuning to the stage from announcing the updates to Apple’s Mac lineup, Phil Schiller continued by revealing the all-new iPad mini and the 4th Generation iPad.

iPad 4 – Although only a minor update over its predecessor, the iPad 4 (4th Gen) offers double the performance thanks to its A6X processor. Based on a similar architecture as the new A6 processor found in Apple’s iPhone 5, the A6X chip brings quad-core graphics. While the A5X chip in the iPad 3 also features quad-core graphics, the new iPad 4 outperforms its predecessor in nearly every way.

Furthermore, Apple added 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity for improved speeds and increased support for a broader range of LTE technology. The new iPad’s FaceTime camera is also capable of recording video in 720p and the standard 30-pin connector has evolved to Apple’s redesigned Lightning connector.

iPad mini – The iPad mini is, as its name would suggest, a smaller version of Apple’s wildly-popular iPad tablet. However, the device’s display doesn’t feature the same high pixel density as it’s full-sized counterpart. The resolution is identical to that of the iPad 2’s display – 1024 x 768 – and because the screen measures at 7.9 inches diagonally (versus the iPad 4’s 9.7-inch display), the iPad mini offers the same aspect ratio as the regular iPad. Powered by Apple’s dual-core A5 processor, the iPad mini is on par with the iPad 2 as far as performance is concerned.

Featuring a 5MP iSight rear-facing camera capable of recording 1080p video and a 1.2MP FaceTime camera that can record in 720p, the iPad mini’s cameras are equivalent to the ones found in the new iPad 4. Moreover, the iPad mini also comes in WiFi + Cellular models that are built with the same 4G LTE technology as the new 4th Gen iPad 4.

As far as an UnTethered iPad 4 and iPad mini iOS 6, 6.0.1 jailbreak is concerned, both the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team will need to have the devices readily accessible to both discover and test vulnerabilities. For now, the latest public information regarding the UnTethered iOS 6 jailbreak for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, 4, 3Gs; iPad 4, 3, 2, iPad mini and both the 4th and 5th Generation iPod touch remains planetbeing’s latest update on the iPhone 5 jailbreak.

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Apple’s 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, 2012 iMac and Mac mini Detailed

Yesterday during Apple’s second fall media event, they announced new iPad and Mac products. While neither iOS 6.1 nor 6.0.1 were mentioned during the keynote presentation, the products they revealed are certainly intriguing and noteworthy.

13-inch Retina MacBook Pro, 2012 iMac and Mac mini

Jailbreak 6.1 UnTethered iOS 6.0.1 Jailbreak 2012 iMac

The event started with Tim Cook highlighting certain achievements and discussing updates to both their iBooks app and their iBooks Author tool. Phil Schiller then took the stage to discuss the Mac.

13 inch Retina display MacBook Pro – Retina: a term used to describe a display with such a high pixel density that the average user with 20-20 vision cannot discern individual pixels at an adequate usability and viewing distance. Initially exclusive to the iPhone 4, Apple’s Retina display technology has since been adapted to the iPod touch, iPad and 15-inch MacBook products. With yesterday’s announcement, Apple’s taken another step in the right direction to bridge the gap between their products. Customers can now choose between lower-resolution or Retina displays in either 13-inch or 15-inch models. Other than the obvious difference in display size and configuration options, much of the technology found in the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro was made to work with the cheaper 13-inch variant.

8th Generation 2012 iMac – Apple, as a design company, has taken huge strides in the improvement of their iMac all-in-one desktop over the years. The latest generation offers a new shockingly-thin design that measures 5mm in thickness across the edges of the computer’s display. Unfortunately, unlike the new Retina MacBook Pro, the resolution for the iMac hasn’t changed since the last generation. Also, the hardware has improved and offers more expensive and better performing components than previously and the new iMac now supports up to 32GB of RAM.

Mac Mini – The Mac mini received its typical round of updates, which simply consisted of higher-quality components that offer improved performance. Apple’s Mac mini now supports up to 16GB of RAM and, like the iMac, the USB 2.0 ports were upgraded to USB 3.

Fusion Drive – A completely unexpected, but welcome announcement, the Fusion Drive combines both flash storage and a traditional hard drive to provide the perfect and affordable balance between both speed and capacity. Essentially, the Fusion Drive is really two separate methods of storage (128GB of flash and either a 1TB or 3TB HDD), which is then fused into one single volume through OS X Mountain Lion. Here’s Apple’s explanation of the new option:

With Fusion Drive in your iMac, disk-intensivetasks — from booting up to launching apps to importing photos — are faster and more efficient. That’s because frequently used items are kept at the ready on speedy flash storage, while infrequently accessed items go to the hard drive. The file transfers take place in the background, so you won’t even notice. As the system learns how you work, Fusion Drive makes your Mac experience even better. And you don’t have to do a thing.

Apple didn’t stop with updates to their Mac computers though, they also unveiled an all-new iPad mini tablet and announced the 4th Generation iPad or the iPad 4, which we’ll discuss in a separate post later tonight. Be sure to subscribe to our Jailbreak iOS 6 and 6.0.1, 6.1 UnTethered and JailbreakingiOS6 news feed, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to be swiftly notified when we post on topics pertaining to Apple, Jailbreaking, iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.1 and new products.

October Apple iPad Mini Media and iOS 6 Event, Live Blog

In a matter of hours, at 10:00 am Pacific time (1:00 pm Eastern), Apple is scheduled to hold their second fall media event at the California Theatre in San Jose, California. Last week, on October 16th, Apple sent invitations to certain members of the press with the following tagline printed on the rather colorful invite: ” We’ve got a little more to show you”.

6.1 Jailbreak iOS 6.0.1 UnTethered

Based on the majority of rumors surrounding the event, it’s likely that they’ll unveil the rumored iPad Mini, introduce a new 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro and announce updates to their iMac and Mac mini products. According to a new report that suggests Apple is testing two new versions of iOS 6, it’s likely they’ll use tomorrow’s event to announce iOS 6.0.1, which is said to address various bugs and improve both Wi-Fi and cellular performance.

Unfortunately, while the staff at Jailbreaking iOS 6 cannot personally cover Apple’s press conference, the members of BestTechInfo have a live blog scheduled to cover the events in real-time. If you’re interested, be sure to check out their iOS 6 and iPad Mini live blog page and return once the event is underway at 10:00 am (the current local time for San Jose, California can be found here). Also, be sure to check JailbreakingiOS6 after the event for coverage on the various topics and keynote presentation.

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iOS 6.0.1 and 6.1 in Testing, What to Expect for a Jailbreak

A new report from BGR states that their “reliable” Apple sources have informed them that testing for iOS 6.0.1 has already begun with select U.S. carriers. While mostly obvious, Apple will apparently address various areas of concern and numerous bugs with the release of 6.0.1. Mostly though, the new firmware will correct the issue of horizontal lines appearing when an app folder is open or the virtual keyboard is up and a bug that causes the camera’s LED flash to malfunction at times.

Additionally, the new 6.0.1 version of iOS is said to improve WiFi connectivity, correct a cellular data issue, disallow the access of certain Passbook pass details on the lock screen, add an iTunes Match toggle for cellular data and patch an issued  that causes Exchange meetings to be sporadically canceled for the entire calendar group.

Also, in the same report, BRG notes that Apple has initiated the testing phase for iOS 6.1. Because testing has just begun, it’s extremely unlikely that the new 6.1 iOS version will be introduced alongside the upcoming iPad Mini, unless Apple releases a separate  firmware stickily for the new iPad. Regardless of Apple’s initial rollout plans for iOS 6.1, it’s expected that the all current iOS-based devices will receive the update in the coming weeks or months.

Jailbreak 6.1 and UnTethered Jailbreak 6.0.1 – What to expect

UnTethered 6.0.1 Jailbreak 6.1 Guide

Currently, the only jailbreak available for iOS 6, 6.0 is in the form of a Tethered RedSn0w utility. Moreover, the jailbreaking tool offers limited support for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the 4th Generation iPod touch. Unfortunately, once the iPad Mini and iOS 6.0.1 are released to the public, the same will be true. Both the iPhone Dev Team and the Chronic Dev Team will need to run various tests and discover numerous exploits before they can compile and release an UnTethered iOS 6.0.1 jailbreak utility.

Furthermore, when an iOS 6 UnTethered jailbreak utility is released depends almost entirely on Apple’s 6.0.1 and 6.1 release schedule. The developers might decide it’s best to wait for iOS 6.1 before releasing a new jailbreak for the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad Mini, iPad 3, 2 and the iPod touch 5th and 4th Generation.

However, thanks to the iPhone Dev Team’s recent work on Cydia compatibility for iOS 6, upon Apple’s release of both iOS 6.0.1 and 6.1, an updated version of Redsn0w with support for the new firmwares should pushed out within 24 hours.

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iPad Mini Pricing Leaked and Jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered 6.0 Information

With less than two days left until Apple’s second fall iOS 6, iPad Mini and Mac media event, a new report was posted by 9to5Mac that claims to have insider information related to the pricing for the highly-anticipated iPad Mini. According to the report, the entry-level WiFi model iPad Mini is said to cost approximately $329 USD. Additionally, two higher-capcity models are also rumored to be announced, coming in at $429 and $529.

The three cellular-ready iPad Mini models will be available in the same capacities as their Wi-Fi counterparts and are expected to sell for roughly $130 more than the WiFi-only models, which places them at $459, $559 and $659.

iPad Mini UnTethered Jailbreak iOS 6

UnTethered Jailbreak iOS 6 iPad Mini

iPad Mini mockup image

Since it’s safe to assume that the majority of our readers who purchase the smaller iPad will be interested in jailbreaking it, we decided to explain the situation. As of now, the latest jailbreak available for iOS 6 is in the form of a Tethered Redsn0w utility (the differences between Tethered, Semi UnTethered/Semi Tethered and UnTethered are outlined here). Also, the 6.0 Redsnow jailbreak only includes support for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and the iPod touch 4th generation. Furthermore, it’s likely that with the release of the iPad Mini, Apple will push out a new firmware to correct bugs and or offer minor features – in which case, Apple will likely release either iOS 6.0.1 or 6.1.

While it’s public knowledge that certain members and contributors to the Dev Teams have successfully  discovered usable exploits for newer devices, like the iPhone 5, pod2g reminded jailbreakers earlier this month that an UnTethered iOS 6.0 jailbreak utility is far from complete.

Somewhat related, the iPad Mini is speculated to be manufactured with cheaper iPad 2 components, which means an A5 processor will likely power the new iOS-based device. As most of you are aware, both the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S featured A5 processors and the Dev Teams have successfully jailbroken both devices on earlier firmwares.

Does this mean the iPad Mini and the iPod touch 5th Generation, which also runs on Apple’s A5 chip, will be easier to jailbreak than an iOS device with a completely different processor such as the iPhone 5? Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to tell until the device is released and Dev Teams have an adequate amount of time to run tests, as Apple could have changed the processor on a such rudimentary level that separate exploits are required.

Of course, for now, anything related to hardware and the jailbreak complexity of the iPad Mini is based on conjecture. With that said, don’t forget to subscribe to our official JailbreakingiOS6 and Jailbreak iPad Mini iOS 6 UnTethered news feed, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to be promptly notified on any information pertaining to the upcoming iPad Mini and the status of the UnTethered jailbreak for Apple’s 6.0 firmware.

Images of 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Surface Ahead of iPad Mini and iOS 6 Event

While not exactly our forte at JailbreakingiOS6, we figured some of our jailbreak and Apple enthusiast readers would find coverage on the rumored 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro interesting. Earlier this week, a poster from the WeiPhone forum created a thread dedicated to the smaller Retina MacBook Pro. More recently, the poster updated their forum thread with additional images that highlight the ports, battery design and other various internal components.

Although the photos are mostly small and are of fairly poor quality, it’s apparent that the poster has managed to obtain some version of the unreleased 13-inch Retina display MacBook Pro ahead of the device’s unveiling. Also, a few photos comparing the new Retina model against the standard 13-inch MacBook Pro were added to the initial post.

Retina 13-inch MacBook Pro and iPad Mini iOS 6 (6.0) event

Jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered and 6.0

The port layout appears to be identical to that of the bigger 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro model, which was released nearly 6 months ago in June. As revealed in the below image, the left of the alleged 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro features MagSafe 2, USB 3.0 and two Thunderbolt ports, whereas the right side offers an SD card slot, another USB 3.0 port and a new HDMI port.

Additionally, the poster also included images of the logic board, an 8GB RAM configuration from Elpida, numerous internal components and a screenshot of the display options inside Windows 7 with a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1600.

Retina MacBook Pro and Jailbreak iOS 6

Moreover, while offering a nearly identical layout as the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, there’s no confusing this laptop with its bigger counterpart. To conserve on space, Apple appears to have repositioned the speakers, as they’re not near the edge of the MacBook Pro. Furthermore, it appears that the MagSafe 2 port is colored blue, while the official reason for this is unknown, it’s likely that this is a pre-release version of the forthcoming 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro.

The new laptop will likely be unveiled next Tuesday, October 23rd, at Apple’s second fall media event. Of course, Apple is also expected to announce the highly-rumored iPad Mini, which will undoubtedly run some form of iOS 6 (possibly 6.0.1 or 6.1), during next week’s press conference. Don’t forget to subscribe to Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our JailbreakingiOS6 and UnTethered 6.0 Jailbreak iOS 6  news feed to be immediately updated on information pertaining to the new 13-inch MacBook Pro, Apple’s media event and the status of the iOS 6 jailbreak.

New 6.0 UnTethered Jailbreak iOS 6 iPhone 5 and iPad 3, 4, 6.0.1 Update

Earlier today, an iOS security expert and hacker by the name of planetbeing sent a tweet to his followers with some interesting news related to the status of the 6.0.1, 6.0 UnTethered iOS 6 jailbreak. Planetbeing, who has collaborated with both the iPhone and Chronic Dev Teams in the past on various tools, announced that he’s successfully added a kernel exploit to the iOS 6 Failbreak.

6.0 and iOS 6 Failbreak information

Jailbreak 6.0.1 iOS 6 UnTethered Jailbreak

As mentioned in a previous UnTethered article on Jailbreaking iOS 6, the term failbreak is used to describe a jailbreak method that relies on an Apple developer account.

Also, if the Dev Team decided to release a “failbreak”, it would spur legal issues and Apple would undoubtedly exact revenge on the jailbreakers.

Jailbreak 6.0.1 and 6.0 UnTethered

Jailbreak iPhone 5 iOS 6 and 6.0 UnTethered


In planetbeing’s tweet, he states that the kernel exploit enables tweaks and third-party jailbreak packages to function properly on the iPhone 5 running iOS 6. Additionally, planetbeing also mentions that they’ve almost completed “a full tethered JB (jailbreak)”. However, because it’s essentially a Failbreak, their non UnTethered iOS 6 jailbreak method requires an Apple developer account.

Unfortunately, the current limera1n tethered exploit was patched with the release of newer iOS-based hardware and only functions on the iPhone 4, iPod touch 4th generation and the iPhone 3GS. It’s because of this that the jailbreak will take longer to complete, as the Dev Teams will need to utilize numerous UnTethered exploits for the new iDevices.

Update – The same UnTethered jailbreak information applies to both the new iPad 4 and iPad mini tablets.

Update 2 – The same jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered information applies to the newly released iOS 6.0.1.

With that said, to be promptly notified on all updates related to the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPad 3, iPad 4 and iOS 6.0 UnTethered jailbreak, Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our JailbreakingiOS6 and Jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered news feed.

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