iOS 7 Web Traffic And New Untethered Jailbreak Details

iOS 7 Web Traffic Increases and Untethered Jailbreak Details – With Apple scheduled to unveil iOS 7 to the public next month during the company’s annual World Wide Developers Conference, more commonly referred to as WWDC, the anticipation amongst Apple and jailbreak fanatics couldn’t be higher. As the majority of readers here on Evasion Jailbreak are already aware, in one swift move on March 19th, Apple effectively patched the iOS 6 through 6.1.2 evasi0n UnTethered jailbreak with the release of iOS 6.1.3. Since the firmware’s release, Apple has also issued iOS 6.1.4 exclusively to iPhone 5 owners, which is also currently unable to be jailbroken. Over the past weeks, we’ve written a number of articles detailing why the evad3rs aren’t developing an iOS 6.1.3 jailbreak, so if you missed them, we recommend taking a look at our jailbreak 6.1.3 archive prior to finishing this article.

WWDC and Jailbreak iOS 7 – Future Plans

Jailbreak iOS 7 Evasi0n

As stated in past reports on Evasion, the developers and hackers behind public jailbreak utilities plan on waiting until iOS 7’s release before pushing out the next major jailbreak tool to ensure maximum device and software compatibility.

With iOS 7 scheduled to be a key point of discussion at this year’s WWDC event in San Francisco, it’s expected that the company will release the next major iOS installment sometime this fall, which in turn pushes back the release of any and all jailbreak utilities until the same general timeframe. While it took expert hackers months to finally release a jailbreak for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 to the public, we expect it won’t take nearly as long this time around, as the evad3rs and p0sixninja have already confirmed their active efforts to develop a jailbreak in advance.

increase in iOS 7 traffic

Today, in a new report, MacRumors suggests that certain devices from within Apple’s high-security campus are already running pre-release versions of the next major firmware release. Although various sites have reported receiving traffic from iOS 7-powered devices over the past few months, as of last week, MacRumors has noticed a significant influx in their own traffic logs. The reported surge in traffic originates from Apple’s mandatory IP address block, which also suggests that the company may have initiated a new phase of testing for iOS 7 prior to this year’s upcoming WWDC.

As a result of WWDC, the developers will hopefully better understand iOS 7 and the challenges they will inevitably face when creating the next major Untethered jailbreak.

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17 Responses to iOS 7 Web Traffic And New Untethered Jailbreak Details

  1. Harman says:

    Ios 7 will be unvieled on 20th June at WWDC according to the rumours

  2. Daniel says:

    Fck this i have an iPhone because of the easy jailbreak and all of that.. If there is not an jailbreak very soon.. Ill go buy an Samsung or something

    • David says:

      fot sure im going to that too.

    • Evasion Admin says:

      As we’ve stated numerous times, we’re not affiliated with the developers of jailbreak utilities. We’re Evasion Jailbreak: a blog that’s dedicated to providing its readers with the best possible jailbreak tutorials on the web. If you want to switch to Android, go away, just know it’s not as elegant, complete or unified as iOS – trust us, we’ve done extensive testing.

  3. Shaolin says:

    I have a 4s running 6.1.2 but somehow cydia is missing. My jailbreak is intact and all tweaks are still working. How can I get cydia back?? Need help!

    • Reno Kujika says:

      Try holding down the power and home button together until your phone reboots by itself, don’t “Slide to Power Down” it should do it automatically.

  4. Chris says:

    When you jailbreak your iphone and a new software update comes alone do you still get to update your iphone even though its jailbroken or does it have to stay with the current update your using ?

  5. José cambar says:

    Pelase jailbreak 6.1.3 for iPhone 5 thanks

  6. Ratismal says:

    Wait, so when is iOS 7 being released? At the beginning of this article, it says next month. In the middle of the article, it says next fall. Which is it? My anticipation for iOS 7 and the next jailbreak can’t wait until next fall!

  7. Abhijeet Desai says:

    I have jailbroken my iPhone 4S iOS 6.1.1. While refreshing Cydia some problem came and the installed tweaks from the packages section have gone so I cannot uninstall some tweaks that I don’t want and the phone has also become slow

    • Evasion Admin says:

      Turn off your iPhone and reboot it while holding down the volume up button until the lock screen pops up. It will temporarily disable all tweaks – from there, simply launch Cydia and uninstall.

  8. Jailbreakberzerk says:

    Hey Evad3rs and who ever else I was wondering when you do release the jailbreak for ios7 will it JB 6.1.3 aswell? Because what IF Apple only releases ios7 for iphone 5 or for newer devices not the older ones like the iPhone 4/4s/3g?

    • Reno Kujika says:

      So far a major update, such as the upgrade to iOS 6, all devices were able to download and upgrade to the newest firmware, the only instances in which all devices don’t get a firmware is such as 6.1.1, that was only for the 4S I do believe, to fix a bug that was found only when the 4S ran 6.1. Same for 6.1.4 being only for the iPhone 5, it’s only because a bug was found when the iPhone 5 runs 6.1.3 and not any of the other ones. So I am 100% sure that iOS 7 will be released for all devices and models.

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