Jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered Reference Guide

With the public version of iOS 6 less than a moth away, estimated to be  shortly after the rumored September 12th iPhone unveiling event, this reference guide will provide everything you need to know related to jailbreaking iOS 6. Once the firmware is pushed out sometime in September, it’s almost guaranteed that it will be Tethered with limited support.

Of course, Tethered Jailbreaks rely on the assistance of a computer to boot into the device’s jailbroken state. Meaning that every time the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch needs to be turned on, whether it’s because it died or it simply needed to reboot, you’ll have to plug it into the computer via the usb cable and rerun a certain part of the utility. Additionally, tethered jailbreaks only support certain devices, as they exploit vulnerabilities that cannot be patched by Apple without the release of new hardware. However, sometimes the iOS Dev Teams incorporate more valuable exploits in their utilities to provide an UnTethered Jailbreak. Having the obvious advantage of allowing the device to be independent from either a MAC or windows computer once the process is complete, UnTethered jailbreaks are ideal and preferred by most users. Once the developers discover the vulnerabilities required to create the UnTethered firmware jailbreak, they tend to insure that it can function across all iDevices that run the version of iOS they’re targeting.

Jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered RedSn0w 0.9.13 iPhone 4S

Jailbreaking iOS 6 beta and UnTethered information :

Currently, there is a jailbreak available for the 6.0 beta versions. However, since Apple restricts their unreleased firmwares to registered developers, the RedSn0w utility is mostly tailored towards them. Those who update to and jailbreak iOS 6 beta will not receive Cydia: a graphical user interface that most jailbreakers use to search for and install third-party packages. Instead, the beta utility will inject a small portion of code into the firmware to allow for SSH and root access.

Enabling complete control and access to root directories is essentially the main purpose for jailbreaking. Cydia was simply developed as an interface for users to quickly and easily take advantage of root access by browsing for an installing different .deb files. For those of you who don’t know, deb is the official extension for Debian software packages and is more often than not used to name binary packages. In the case of jailbreaking, all of the different software tweaks, modifications, add-ons and apps are packaged in a Debian form. While there isn’t a GUI for installing the third-party software additions, developers and users can accomplish the installation process through an SSH program that’s equipped with a command prompt. For now, check below for a list of supported iOS 6 devices.

Supported devices under the Redsn0w 0.9.13 Tethered iOS 6 Jailbreak :

  • iPhone 3Gs
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4 CDMA model
  • iPod Touch 4G, fourth-generation

iOS-devices to be included once a utility can Jailbreak iOS 6 UnTethered :

  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2 WiFi model
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 2 GSM varient
  • iPad 2 CDMA edition
  • iPad 3 Global version

Jailbreaking iOS 6 Untethered Devices

Unfortunately, neither the the iPod Touch 3G (third-generation) nor the original iPad 1 will be included due to the fact that Apple will stop supporting them with the release of iOS 6.

While there are certainly limitations to jailbreaking the beta versions of 6.0, it can still enhance the iOS experience if the packages are compatible with the updated firmware. But, keep in mind that it’s mainly for third-party developers who wish to add support to their existing tweaks and mods. With that said, be sure to subscribe the official JailbreakiOS6 feed to be notified once iOS 6 and an UnTethered Jailbreak are officially released. This instructional guide will continue to be updated as soon as new information becomes available. Check back frequently for all of your jailbreak and iOS 6 related inquires.


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