Jailbreak iPad 4, 4th Generation on 6.0.1 Achieved in Record Time

Jailbreak iPad 4, 4th Generation on 6.0.1 Achieved in Record Time Inline with our article from yesterday regarding the iPhone Dev Team successfully jailbreaking the iPad mini, Grant Paul posted a screenshot of Cydia running on the iPad 4 with iOS 6.0.1.

As stated in Grant Paul’s corresponding tweet, Cydia doesn’t look any different on Apple’s new jailbroken iPad 4 (4th Generation) on 6.0.1 than it does on the iPad 3. While I’m sure many iOS device owners who are new to the jailbreak community might question the authenticity of Paul’s screenshot, there’s absolutely no reason to.

Grant Paul, better known by his hacker handle: chpwn, is a valued contributor to the world of UnTethered jailbreaking – from his collaborative efforts with iPhone and Chronic Dev Teams, to his numerous Cydia tweaks.

Jailbreak 6.0.1 iOS UnTethered iPad 4 information

Jailbreak iPad 4 6.0.1 UnTethered iPad mini

Similar to the iPad mini that was jailbroken on iOS 6 or 6.0.1, the new iPad 4 was jailbroken using the Dev Team’s failbreak method. As we’ve explained before, a failbreak is simply a term used by members of the jailbreak community  to refer to a very selective jailbreak technique that relies on an Apple iOS Developer account.

Additionally, if the Dev Team decided to release a failbreak, exclusively for iOS Developers, it would certainly spark legal issues between jailbreakers and Apple because of the methods used to exploit both iOS and iDevices.

On a side note, as evident in the above screenshot, the iPad 4’s SHSH files are backed up to Saurik’s server for downgrading purposes. For additional proof, due to the fact that Cydia almost always saves SHSH blobs upon launch, it’s far less likely that  chpwn’s screenshot could be of an iPad 3. Furthermore, while it’s unclear whether or not the new iPad 4 is on 6.0.1 or simply iOS 6.0, the minor detail should be considered irrelevant, as the vulnerabilities that were exploited to achieve a jailbreak remain hidden from Apple.

Although this news may come across as discouraging to a fair number of new iPad 4 owners, it’s actually quite the opposite. If nothing else, chpwn’s latest tweet regarding his jailbroken iPad 4, reassures jailbreakers that the iOS security experts are hastily working on a solution to jailbreak Apple’s new 6.0.1 public firmware for the latest iOS devices.

With that said, owners of either an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS or a 4th Generation iPod touch, can employ the assistance of Redsn0w to jailbreak their iPhone or iPod touch on iOS 6.0.1.

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17 Responses to Jailbreak iPad 4, 4th Generation on 6.0.1 Achieved in Record Time

  1. Zvoiata says:

    Come on with the 4S running iOS6 already :-( I want my phone reJB. Can’t downgrade it back to 5.x.x impatiently waiting for the JB

  2. zar says:

    Any news about iPad 2.4 jailbrake or ipad 2.4 wifi – not downgrade please help me ?

  3. IPHONE 4S says:

    iPhone 4S? Don’t forget about it!!!????????????

  4. Terry says:

    Yes, waiting for the iPad 3 to be jailbroken. Nevermind the 4, good that its done but I wanna hear news of the public release for the IPad 3 6.01. Don’t forget about us..

  5. Raz says:

    They jailbreak ipad 2, ipad 4, but what s about ipad 3 ? If they could go though the a6x processor why cant they go trough the a5x

  6. Ricky Raider says:

    iPad 2? I have never Jailbroken an iOS device (have rooted many Android devices) and I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to Jailbreak my iPad 2. When, please?

  7. WZafra7 says:

    JB for iPad 3… waiting!!!

  8. Giuseppe says:

    any news on jailbreak/unlock iphone 4s on ios 6.0? thanks

  9. Isaac goodwin says:

    I like apple and hate androids so help me stick with apple

  10. Isaac goodwin says:

    When is someone going to concentrate on iPhone 4S. So much record breaking jail breaking for all the other devices keep happening but nothing for 4s. It’s like you all made the phone but forgot about it. Please help!

  11. pete says:

    so when is the ipad 2, jailbreak coming

  12. kigor says:

    Any news,progress with iPad 2 jailbrake?

  13. KIgor says:

    Any news about iPad 2 jailbrake? :(

  14. Mike wasel says:

    This is nice, but i dont know how can i jailbreak my ipad 4

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