iPhone 5S Rumored To Launch This Summer With Fingerprint Scanner And NFC

iPhone 5S Rumored to Launch This Summer with Fingerprint Scanner And NFC – Although our forte at Evasion Jailbreak involves reporting on jailbreaking news and in-depth tutorials, as well as iOS coverage (predominately 6.1.2), the staff has deemed recent iPhone 5S rumors worthy of reporting on. Earlier this week, the China Times reported that Chipbond (a Taiwanese contractor) has supposedly been selected by Apple to produce a number of chips for the upcoming iPhone 5S, including those required for a fingerprint scanner and near field communication functionality.

iPhone 5S To Be Released This Summer With Fingerprint Scanner And NFC

iPhone 5S NFC Fingerprint Scanner

The original article also suggests that the iPhone 5S’ alleged fingerprint scanner may also serve as an additional safeguard to ensure the authenticity of NFC (near field communication) actions, including, but not limited to, mobile credit and/or debit card transactions.

Since Apple’s acquisition of the mobile security firm AuthenTec, who specializes in biometrics, rumors pertaining to the next-generation iPhone featuring NFC capabilities have continued to grow more prominent. Furthermore, we already know that Apple plans to dominate the NFC frontier, which so far has yet to become widely adopted and used in the mainstream consumer market. During last year’s WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), Apple announced Passbook as one of the primary features of iOS 6. The digital passes, gift card and coupon app could easily expand in the future to include implementation for NFC – it’s really quite a brilliant strategy.

Moreover, it’s rumored that Foxconn is already preparing their manufacturing facilities to accommodate Apple and the iPhone 5S, which would mean that the device will launch sometime within the late-summer to fall timeframe.

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