iOS 7.1.1 Isn’t The End Of Jailbreaking, iOS 8 Jailbreak “Will Be A Bloodbath”

Jailbreak 7.1.1 UnTethered iOS 8

iOS 7.1.1 isn’t The End of UnTethered Jailbreaking, iOS 8 Jailbreak “Will be a Bloodbath” - The fact that these past two weeks have been a thrilling time to be a part of the jailbreak community is undeniable. In addition to various hints from pod2g regarding the next UnTethered jailbreak, hacker i0n1c has not only proposed the idea of an iOS 7.1.1 jailbreak solution, but also demonstrated on video that his so called ‘Cyberelevat0r’ utility can jailbreak 7.1.1 fully UnTethered on the iPhone 5c. Since then however, like with every year after the release and patch of UnTethered jailbreaks, the naysayers are spreading the word that the days of jailbreaking are behind us. This blatant slander couldn’t be further from the truth, in addition to i0n1c’s efforts to jailbreak iOS 7.1.1, other (unknown) teams of hackers are allegedly setting their sights towards the future: iOS 8. With Apple’s grand unveiling of iOS 8 scheduled for this coming Monday during the company’s annual WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference), matters are heating up for jailbreakers.

iOS 7.1.1 Isn’t The End Of Jailbreaking, iOS 8 Jailbreak In The Works

Jailbreak 7.1.1 UnTethered iOS 8

Although i0n1c has toyed with the emotions of jailbreakers by first teasing his utility and then making ‘comical’ (the term ‘comical’ is reserved for i0n1c’s view alone) claims such as saying “it must tear the JB [jailbreak] community apart that there are 6 iOS 7.1.1 jailbreaks in the hands of people that will never give them out” - the hacker is still developing his jailbreak method.

The question now isn’t whether i0n1c can jailbreak 7.1.1, but rather will he release a utility at all? Unfortunately, i0n1c is a loose cannon - while the hacker has unquestionably contributed to the development of numerous jailbreak utilities, he’s also caused unnecessary excitement amongst the community.

At this point, it’s impossible to predict exactly what i0n1c will do next. However, one thing is certain, the hacker will release an updated “proof of jailbreak” video when Apple issues the next minor installment to iOS 7.1.x, likely being 7.1.2. In fact, one plausible scenario (as ascertained from i0n1c’s tweets) is that the hacker will issue an UnTethered jailbreak 7.1.1 solution after both iOS 7.1.2 is released and the hacker has an adequate period of time to test his utility and prepare it for 44 different iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models. Without further speculation, stay tuned for complete coverage on the jailbreak situation as it develops.

iOS 8 Jailbreak To Be A “Bloodbath,” Good Or Bad?

On a related note, i0n1c also suggests that the “iOS 8 jailbreak will be a bloodbath” because apparently there are “at least 2 or 3 groups financed by different Chinese companies racing for release”. With the evad3rs, who willingly made a financial deal with the Chinese group behind TaiG last year (that was later canceled), presumably at the forefront of these “groups,” the future of jailbreaking may become very interesting to say the least.

On Monday, June 2nd, the evad3rs, i0n1c and other hackers on the jailbreak scene will get a sense of what they’re up against in developing future jailbreak utilities when Apple announces and demonstrates iOS 8. During the conference Jailbreak Evasi0n Info will be teaming up with Jailbreak Tech Info (who published an article earlier that could be the first clue as to the concept behind iOS 8’s new features).

This is an exciting time for jailbreakers across the globe - ensure you’re up to speed on the latest developments on the jailbreak scene by keeping your browser locked to Jailbreak Evasion Info and stay tuned for live coverage on WWDC.

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32 thoughts on “iOS 7.1.1 Isn’t The End Of Jailbreaking, iOS 8 Jailbreak “Will Be A Bloodbath””

  1. Hello my dear friend i want to update iPhone firmware so i want to update firmware without updating the iPhone baseband so how can i do this work please help me as soon as possible it will be your highness and kindness.
    thanks regard Javid Ahmad

  2. Hello my dear friend i want to update iPhone firmware so i want to update firmware without updating the iPhone baseband so how can i do this work please help me as soon as possible it will be your highness and kindness.
    thanks regard Javid Ahmad

  3. Every product has a life cycle: birth, growth, maturity, and decline. I think idevices are in their decline phase. They lived only thanks to jailbreaking. Now that there is no jailbreak available for 7.1.1, they ´re dying!

  4. People think apple doesn’t use google to look for jailbreaks. People think they don’t look into the tweets of the known jailbreakers. People think apple doesn’t have undercover reddit users.

  5. I personally know that evaders are not working on the iOS 8 at this moment or they never even bothered looking into 7.1.1. Look how many people found 7.1.1 exploits and pod2g lied by saying he was looking into it. If he was he would of found it 2 months ago. iOS 8 jailbreak will come out in December or November, hands down. No point on waiting for iOS 8 JB
    It’s exactly the same as 7.1.1. And to make matters worse, with all this drama of who jail broke 7.1.1, ios 8 is gonna be tighter than a nuns arse. So to conclude,
    7.1.1, we may not see it come by till the end of this month,June. Tomorrow at 1 is the WWDC that would announce iOS 8
    So if evaders get their hand on the beta, they oficially can say, we are working on the jailbrake.
    Bye bye exploits

  6. In all honest opinion apple is retarted for making patches for jailbreak. Without jailbreak an iphone is just boring piece of crap and smartphones like androids and windows phones let you do all this stuff without jailbreak. Evasion7 alone has nearly 7 million people with jailbreak so just saying without jailbreak a big chunk of people would go to other smartphones.

  7. I don’t get why people loose JB it’s pretty simple just don’t update! My 5s is still jail broken and running sweet on 7.0.4. Were the improvements that great with 7.1 that people were willing to loose the thing that makes owning the iphone worth while? Nope. Updating is mostly stupid. And when they drop a whole new ios like 8 it’s usually made for newer hardware anyway

  8. Leave this useless crap and go android then you won’t have to worry about a jailbreak everyone you update!! Lol!

  9. Ive loved Apple all my life , i only had iphones , but because of all these jailbreaks going down i just order one Samsung Galaxy , im going to try something new for me

  10. WHY DONT WE SPEND TIME ON MAKING A CUSTOM IOS ROM! Screw this arse clowning around playing cat and mouse with Apple.

  11. With ios, it is always the same old story. You jailbreak, you lose jailbreak, you wait for another jailbreak and so on with the boring vicious circle. Apple should know that It is the only loser in not helping hackers provide a jailbreak very soon, because many of us holders of Its incomplete products want to buy tweeks but can ´t access cydia! And within these intervals, we precipitate towards other comprtitive products, namely Galaxy, just to realize how naive we were to rely on ios and discover what we missed with android!

  12. Evaders and Steffens or ionic are now working with Apple. If you people woke up and realized it you would know. Little hint go on apples security log page and look up iOS 7.1.0 and 7.1.1 you will see who is helping and informing them. It’s obvious.

  13. Hackers don’t really waste time on releasing jailbreak when newer updates are coming…pointless since newer firmware is what they want to hack or jailbreak

  14. Hackers don’t really waste time on releasing jb when newer updates are coming…pointless since newer firmware is what they want to hack or jailbreak

  15. Because as the post says ionic May or May not release a jailbreak for 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 is almost here so he may just wait for it also the main jail breakers like the evad3rs are working on ios 8 so pretty much there will be no jailbreak until ios 8 unless ionic decides to release his which the chances of that are very low.

  16. I don’t understand why are even talking about ios 8 and ios 7.1.2 when there still is no jb for 7.1.1 which we all been waiting for.

  17. I would like the 7.1.x Jailbreak utilty to come out to. But I have patience to wait. If anybody wants to Jailbreak, then purchase an iPod Touch 4th Gen or lower that doesn’t upgrade to ios 7. This is what I do atm. I have both iPod Touch 4th Gen Jailbroken 6.1.3 & an iPhone 5 un-jailbroken 7.1.1.

  18. I think the exploits are still in the system from previous firmwares but gets moved or masked from each firmware updates

  19. No there is no jailbreak release scheduled and never is its out when it’s out if it even comes before ios 8 it’s looking like 3 or 4 months till there will be a new jailbreak thats also depending on when ios 8 is released cause looks like the next jailbreak will be for ios 8 about a month after its release which is about the time frame of the usually big jailbreaks.

  20. I’m on 6.1.4 with jailbreak and cant update cuz it’s going straight to 7.1.1 should i update to 7.1.1 or wait?? i dont want to miss my swipeselection and xbmc

    1. Which phone u using iphone 4 4S 5 5C or 5S just wait until this Sunday for jailbreak release if not just keep on ios6

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