Jailbreak 7.1.2 Untethered iOS 7.1.1 With Pangu On iPhone 5S, iPad And All iDevices

How to Jailbreak 7.1.2 Untethered iOS 7.1.1 With Pangu on the iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, 4S,4, iPad Air, Mini 2, 4,3 and iPod Touch 5 - Today, in a surprise and certainly unexpected release, a Chinese team of hackers who go by the name of Pangu released an UnTethered utility that can jailbreak 7.1.2 and iOS 7.1.x on all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch models that can update to the firmware! Apparently, i0n1c was correct in suggesting that multiple teams who were financed by third-party Chinese piracy sources would be competing to release the next UnTethered jailbreak. Although when the hacker said that, he was alluding to iOS 8 and not 7.1.1, but either way, the next jailbreak is finally here, albeit bundled with a piracy store and an enterprise certificate. While funded by a Chinese piracy service, Pangu is the only iOS 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 Untethered jailbreak solution and we’re going to tell you exactly how to utilize it in today’s tutorial!

Jailbreak Update x2: Although just released, it’s possible to jailbreak 7.1.2 UnTethered via the Pangu utility. In light of today’s 7.1.x update, we’ve revised our tutorial to include support for iOS 7.1.2 and assist our reader in the process of jailbreaking the update.

Our latest coverage and download links can be found in the article linked to below:

Updated on June 30, 2014 at 13:57

As previously mentioned, the new Pangu jailbreak 7.1.2 utility supports the following iPhone, iPad and iPod ouch models running iOS 7.1.1:

  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 4
  • iPad Air
  • iPad mini Retina
  • iPad Mini (first generation)
  • iPad 4
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 2
  • iPod Touch 5th generation

Jailbreak 7.1.2 Prerequisite Instructions

Before continuing further with this iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak tutorial, ensure that you have access to the following items, all of which are necessary to jailbreak 7.1.2 and/or 7.1.1 Untethered.

  • Any of the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch models listed above that’s running iOS 7.1 through 7.1.2.
  • A Windows-based PC - while OS X isn’t currently supported, Pangu should update their utility soon to include Mac OS X functionality.
  • The all-new Pangu Windows jailbreak utility and Apple’s latest version of iTunes installed on your computer, both of which can be found in the download section at the end of this tutorial.

Without further ado, let’s proceed with the steps required to Jailbreak iOS 7.1.2 on any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that’s capable of updating to the firmware.

How To Jailbreak 7.1.2 UnTethered Using Pangu - Written And Video Tutorials

      1. Beyond Pangu for iOS 7.1.2 and 7.1.1, download iTunes from our download section, which is listed below, to ensure that you obtain genuine software.
      2. Upon downloading Pangu v1.1.0, plug your iPhone, iPad or iPod into your computer via either Apple’s standard 30-pin USB or Lightning cable and run the program.
      3. To ensure that unnecessary Chinese software is not installed on your iDevice, uncheck the box toward the bottom of Pangu’s foreign interface (refer to the above video if you’re at all confused by this step).
      4. After confirming that your device has been identified at the top of the Pangu interface window, click the start (????) button and set the date back to June 2nd, 2014 at 8:30 PM or 20:30 (navigate to Settings > General > Time & Date and uncheck “Set Automatically”)
      5. Once Pangu’s progress bar continues, press the home button on your device and tap the new “Pangu” icon to proceed with the iOS 7.1.2 jailbreak.
      6. Leave your iDevice connected to your computer and once it reboots, unlock the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and tap the Pangu icon for a second time.
      7. Finally, after the last reboot has finished, your device should display a welcome site: Cydia. However, your device won’t be usable until it resprings after reorganizing iOS 7.1.x’s filesystem (refer to the video).

iCrackUriDevice’s in-depth tutorial - watch it in conjunction with the above video for the best jailbreak results.

Congratulations, after following and completing seven simple and easy-to-understand steps, you’ve successfully jailbroken your iPod touch, iPad or iPhone on iOS 7.1.1 - 7.1.2!

Jailbreak iOS 7.1.1 Pangu Download Section

Finally as a concluding note, if you’re interested in earning paid iOS 7.1.x App Store apps for Freewith or without a Jailbreak on 7.1.2, we strongly recommend visiting our tutorial covering Free App Life.

Thanks for both reading and following our detailed UnTethered jailbreak 7.1.2 and 7.1.1 guide. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Jailbreak Evasion 7.1.2 UnTethered Info news feed, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter and add us on Google+ to be promptly notified when we publish future articles concerning iOS 7.1.2 and updates to the Pangu Untethered 7.1.1 jailbreak. 

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205 Responses to Jailbreak 7.1.2 Untethered iOS 7.1.1 With Pangu On iPhone 5S, iPad And All iDevices

  1. Kelly says:

    I did the jailbreak on my iphone 4…realized after the fact i forgot to change the date n turn on airplane mode…and my computer won’t recognize the phone anymore…what do I do to fix this so that my computer will recognize the phone iTunes does but the computer doesn’t…frustrated..????

  2. Jessi says:

    How do i unkailbreak? without losing what i have now? apps / pics etc? iphone 6 att

  3. Jezer says:

    Piece of Cake! works great! thanks

  4. Saferi says:

    Iphone5s ios 8.0.2

  5. Lorenz says:

    Does Pangu supports I pod touch 4 device?

  6. BillR says:

    I can’t see the download link to get PANGU… Please tell me how to download it !!

  7. dcruz says:

    i can’t jailbreak my ipad 2 using pangu…(ipad 2 3g+wifi,ios 7.1.2)..when i jb…it keep looping at boot..at apple logo..

  8. Ricky says:

    Ok,i accidentally exited pangu while jailbreaking then launched it again but now it wont detect my device. any help please?

  9. Antony says:

    @Gracie http://www.Pangu.io is the site i believe or just search Pangu download on google

  10. Gracie says:

    Where can I download pangu at?

  11. Antony says:

    Hi, I’m on IOS 7.1.2 jailbroken my Modmyi repo doesn’t have any packages… I already tried adding it again any help?

  12. mike says:

    hi I have jailbroken iphone 4s on 5.0.1, I have many games and saves, pictures, notes that I don’t want to lose, is it possible to update from 5.0.1 to 7.1.2 and jailbreak it without losing anything ? thank you for reading

    • Keith E. Whisman says:

      Just do a backup in iTunes first and then do a complete factory reset and update and then jailbreak and then restore the back up and everything will be as it was except you’ll have the flat yet 3 dimensional or so interface.

      • mike says:

        thanks for replying Keith E. Whisman but are you sure I wont lose my games and game saves since some games are NOT from the app store? shall I update from iTunes? sorry im new to this. thanks again

        • Keith E. Whisman says:

          Well, if you want to get your hands dirty use iFunbox and copy the caches and preferences folders from within the app and back that up and when you restore if it’s not there just reinstall and copy that back and everything should be as it was.

  13. Skulcndy says:

    Pls help Halfway through the jailbreak process my ipod touch started turning on and off repeatedly it did this for about twenty mins before i finally concluded something went wrong. I dont know what to do. PLS HELP!!!

    • kdub says:

      that is a boot loop look it up on youtube or put your ipod into recovery mode reinstall firmware and try again

      • Jay says:

        I’m using iPhone 4s OS 7.1.2. I’m having the same issue. I’ve reinstall the firmware few times and every time I do this I set the iPhone 4s as a new setup. I would appreciate if you could point to a site/link to resolve this issue.

        • Onetallcool1 says:


          • Jay says:

            Excellent.. that worked like a charm…. I’ve Cydia installed, but when I insert T-Mobile card, it still says “SIM Not valid”

          • Onetallcool1 says:

            You must have an AT&T phone, it needs to be unlocked to use on Tmobile. Pangu does not unlock phone only jailbreaks phone for customizations. You must get phone unlocked to use in Tmobile.. Google search - unlocking iPhone 4s

          • Jay says:

            thanks for your help… still trying to find a way to unlock for free.

          • Onetallcool1 says:

            I had to get AT&T to unlock mine, it is out of contract now so I went on there website and search unlock iPhone. Sent them the info they needed and it took a couple days. I had to do a restore in iTunes for it to be unlocked then jailbreak again.. I know fun fun..

  14. ip4 says:

    pls help iphone 4 before is ios 7.1.1 jailbreak using pangu. now update to ios 7.1.2 i try again using pangu to jailbreak. pangu wrote already jailbreak. so how to get back the cydia. pls help. thank you

  15. DeAndre says:

    on pangu it just reads loading resources please wait can only one help me with this problem

  16. Israel says:

    I have an issue… i did all the steps as shown in the video but when i click on the jailbreak button.. the bar does not move and also pangu does not ask to change the date. The pangu program only shows the messagge injectin bundles please wait. I have let pangu there with my iphone 4 connected about half hour and still the bar does not move. Any help?

  17. Nick says:

    So could someone help guide me through the process, because I didn’t have any issues with v1, and then after v1.1 came out I kept getting errors with the file types not being open-able on my laptop.:( If anyone could help me, that would be great!

  18. ashik says:

    it don’t get the cydia icon, my app store also missing, enyone can help me…:( (iphone 4) (ios 7.1.2)

    • Keith E. Whisman says:

      Ok this is getting old, if you have an iPhone 4 and won’t upgrade just do the world a favor and kill yourself. The iPhone 4 is so damn old they are starting to be used as Obama phones. Just upgrade to the iPhone 5S or wait for the 6 but quit complaining about compatibility problems with a 4 year old device.

      • Marie says:

        You need to calm down not everyone is fortunate enough to upgrade their phones. Telling people to kill themselves is not okay. I do hope karma gets you back but never for you to die.

  19. aladix says:

    hi guys i’m trying to jailbreak my ipad 4 “7.1.1”, i’m using the pangu prog V1.1, but while launching it there’s no box to uncheck to avoid installing chinese softwares, any help please

  20. aladix says:

    Hi guys, i’m trying to jailbreak my ipad 4, i already download the pangu prog v1.1, but while launching it there’s no box to uncheck to

    • Keith E. Whisman says:

      The v1.1 pangu program was built for the English speaking world and the Pangu team opted to leave all the junk out. No need to worry. V1 was in Chinese and installed third party software, English version 1.1 does away with third party software so no box to uncheck. Jailbreak is real and works great. Suggest you update to 7.1.2 and then jailbreak.

  21. e-en says:

    appsync is not working 7.0+ any help to make it work on the latest jailbreak.. thanks in advance

  22. rotana says:

    This is free or need to buy for jailbreak program?

  23. Harsha says:

    Hello, nice i’ve jailbreak perfect, but just i don’t know for my sim only its No service have you a suggestion? Thanks (iphone 4 , baseband 04.12.09)

  24. laura says:

    I have a 4s that was jailbroken with evaders through iTunes, not OTA, I backed up and followed instructions to a T. I am using Pangu 1.1 on my Mac. I am trying to get this to work, and it just will not happen. 6 times of restoring and re-breaking and it is stuck in a – welcome to Pangu/black screen/apple logo reboot cycle that no amount of button holding or screaming can fix. I have tried the stupid “shine a flashlight on the sensor” thing, and short of standing on my head while doing it, nothing is working. It always happens on the SECOND time it reboots, whether I hit the pang icon or not. When it starts the loop, there is no way to get it to stop no matter what. The only thing that I can do is put it in restore to start the whole process again. I have bluetooth off, wifi off, location off, lights all around it, and making a wish, and nothing is getting it to work. I’m frustrated and fully ticked off that I believed this Pangu thing would work-I should have stuck with evaders. Can anyone please help? I am on my 10th restore now.

    • Onetallcool1 says:

      My 4s did same thing. When you get to the end reboot and stuck in Pangu welcome loop plug your head phones into headphone jack and wait, it will break the loop and finish jailbreak… Do it, seriously!!!

      • Daniel says:

        Holy crap I can’t thank you enough. I had the same problem but for whatever reason the headphone trick worked. Thank you for saving me from a full blown panic attack!!!!!

        • onetallcool1 says:

          Hey there glad I could help, I went for two days trying to figure it out.. I was freaking out!!!! Happy jailbreaking !!! #Onetallcool1

    • Nekro.jr says:

      I have the same problem can someone help us? I tried everything…

  25. Ralph says:

    works fine thanks pangu I”m jailbroken my iphone 4s ios 7.1.2 please fix errors

  26. MrSmith says:

    Awesome! Thanks for the tutorial. I just ran this on a brand new iPod Touch with 7.1.2. It was fast (about five minutes from beginning to end) and everything seems to work perfectly.

  27. POE says:

    FINALLY an Untethered 7.1.2!! I’m so excited, because this is actually my FIRST Jailbreak EVER! I have tried and waited for it since December 2013! At last I can enjoy some new exciting features! THANK YOU for doing this, for the underground world to set free our own personal devices! Thank you Pangu for your hard work! I appreciate this! 😀 cheers

  28. HAMZA says:

    yah, workin on my 7.1.1..

  29. Walkervike83 says:

    Ok so i have an iPhone 5s jailbroken and I go to update on my computer and phone it says that I’m up to date but I’m running ios 7.1.1 so was the update for all devices? Or can someone help?

  30. onetallcool1 says:

    ok,, i have an iphone 4S fresh iOS 7.1.2, backed up, turned Find My IPhone off. started Pangu, set time & date as instructed, waited till instructed to swipe and tap Pangu icon on my second screen, waited till reboot and instructed to swipe and tap Pangu again. after reboot, iPhone stuck in an apple logo and Pangu jailbreak screen loop over and over. Now i have read all the issues and fixes with no luck after 15 restores from trying again and again, still the same result. stuck in the apple, Pangu loop… i have done a restore again and am wishing i could get this to work. or wishing i could go back to 7.0.6. can anyone help me with a fix please advise

    • ram48 says:

      can not go back in ios. if you try to install earlier ios in itune it will not be cleared by Apple server. they sign only the latest which is 7.1.1

    • Keith E. Whisman says:

      On my iPad Air it didn’t matter but on the iPhone 5$ running iOS 7.1.2 I had issues until I closed iTunes and shut off find my iPhone. Kinda wonky, it does work, you just have to keep trying different combinations of things until it sticks. Pangu is pretty buggy but it works.

  31. Jack says:

    i have a problem with pangu jailbreak time out please fix this problem cydia works fine,

  32. stomleniy says:

    tried to jb 7.1.2, Ipad 4, - unsuccessful. No Cydia icon but process went without any issue report, pangu reported it is done. Repeated again same result. Aplications installed previously through pp25 crashing.Tried to browse file system using file manager downloaded from App store and it does not see root file structure. All was done through USB cable.

    • stomleniy says:

      Update. i decided to run process in a third time! and it is jailbroken now. Cydia is here No idea why,all steps taken were the same. all step by step pangu comments along the process were the same. So no idea why it needed 3 times in row.

  33. Nick says:

    Pangu v1.1 doesnt support my windows 8.1 laptop….anyone else experience this issue??

  34. Harsha says:

    I have a carrier locked iPhone 4. I want to use this in Sri Lanka. Information are below, iPhone4- 32GB, Carrier- Orange Bostswana 13.0 Firmware 04.12.02 Let me know can I unlock using Jailbreak 7.1.2 ??

  35. raviteja says:

    ya its working. but in ifile every thing in Chinese language how to change language?

  36. mohsin says:

    no cydia after jailbreak only pangu icon help me

    • Michael says:

      This happened to me the first time too. What I did was a fresh restore in iTunes to 7.1.1 then did the jailbreak again and all went smoothly with no problems.

  37. Martin says:

    Will this work on a IPod touch 4th gen?

  38. Mike says:

    How much space on your phone does it use up?

  39. navid says:

    wont work for me keeps restarting with apple logo and welcome to pangu jailbreak logo this is so bad how do i fix it ? iPad Mini 1

    • Jeff says:

      Press the home and power button at the same thing and it will turn off, then restart again and don’t let go until the apple logo appears again and it should be fine. That’s how I did it

  40. Keith E. Whisman says:

    People looking for unlocks need to look elsewhere because jail breaking alone won’t get you there. People that are having trouble, follow the instructions in the video precisely, if it doesn’t work it’s because you didn’t do it right and not because there is something wrong with pangu. You do not need to run pangu as an administrator. Make certain that you have an open app slot available on your second screen and make sure that you set your date and time back after you launch pangu and then click the start button after you have unchecked the other software option. After clicking on the start button wake your device and swipe to the second screen and tap on the pangu app icon and then do nothing until it is done. When it’s done you’ll see the Cydia app icon where the pangu app icon was. There, that wasn’t very hard was it?

    • Mike says:

      “People looking for unlocks need to look elsewhere because jail breaking alone won’t get you there.” Please Define “elsewhere”

    • varun says:

      request you to define Elsewhere, please help us.. from locked iphone users..

      • Keith E. Whisman says:

        You will have to go to a company that offers unlock services. There is no way to unlock a phone from any kind of jailbreak tweak.

        • varun says:

          any trusted partner or sites which you can recommend us? 😀

          • Keith E. Whisman says:

            You’ll just have to do a google search and do your research on each service, search for cellphone unlock service and a bunch of places should popup. The best one I heard of was on a podcast like six months ago and it was based out of the UK. I can’t even remember the name. But basically the service becomes your new carrier and they unlock everything for you the way I understand it and that is all they do and then you are free to use your phone on any compatible carrier as Long as your device is not stolen, if that is the case then I hope you rot in hell.

  41. Hameed Usman says:

    Is it safe to jailbreak iphone 4 ios 7.1.1 with pangu ?

  42. ram48 says:

    What about carrier locked iPhone 4s? Have ultrasn0w in Cydia which jailbreaks 4 and not 4s. Mine is 4s so remains jailed. It’s locked to Verizon Wireless US. Any support please, thanks

  43. ram48 says:

    I have 4s with ios 7.1.1, followed the video and instructions. The Pangu app shows iPhone as 4 and not 4s. It’s still jailed

  44. big.b says:

    Nice!!!!! thanks all , it’s completely working on my IPAD.

  45. plasma says:

    It went all the way on my iPad mini 1st gen and was waiting for cydia to respring and went it did cydia disappeared and some apps did as well like the app store app

  46. brock nichols says:

    mine just keeps repeating the welcome to pangu screen and then restarts and shows welcome to pangu again

    • navid says:

      wont work for me keeps restarting with apple logo and welcome to pangu jailbreak logo this is so bad how do i fix it ? iPad Mini 1

      • Jacks says:

        You should reboot, when apple logo appear press power and home button. After this Connect itunes screen will appear. Connect it to your computer and restore it. I think this jailbreak doesn’t work on ipad mini 1.

    • Henrico says:

      I’m having the same problem as you. I’m trying to do a hard reset with Itunes but Itunes isn’t able to find my Iphone. Any suggestions??

  47. John says:

    How much space this jailbreak is taking? My storage is quite full after this jailbreak

  48. Juriloe says:

    What repo in Cydia should I use for AppSync 7 to work correctly? I have just installed the JB and the apps in the IPAD2 do not open Thx

  49. bnSundar says:

    It didn’t work for me iPhone 4G , geeksn0w jailbroken with 7.1.1 (Not activated either … :-() On unselecting lower left checkbox & then clicking on the right (??????) button, it did nothing. Clicking the ‘close(X)’ closed Pangu tho’ : it wasn’t hanging but neither did it show the progress bar. It did display 3,1_7.1.1 surrounded by query marks.

  50. Ashish sharma says:

    I have iphone 4 ios 7.1.1…i have complete all step properly to jailbreak my iphone 4 with pangu…its working fine on my iphone but one problem is here…when i install barrel ,bloard , and cydelete7 tweaks and trying to restart my phone..then apple boot logo appear i know its normal …after sometime apple boot logo gone and again appear…again gone and again appear…its happen lots of time..my phone does not start..is there any bug in pangu jailbreak ??

  51. Alicia says:

    any word on when it can be available for mac?

  52. Tiger says:

    Is it required to backup the iphone before jailbreak? Is the data & information will be lost after the jailbreak? I’m afraid that I will lose all the information on my iphone. Please let me know ASAP Thanks for your effort

  53. jhemadonyou says:

    can this jailbreak unlock a network locked iphone 4? ….

    • Michael says:

      if you are jailbroken with geeksn0w you will have to do a fresh restore to 7.1.1 in iTunes then do the jailbreak with pangu

    • Michael says:

      jailbreaking and unlocking are two different things jailbreaking does not unock any phone

  54. Bulbous_squirrel says:

    Think about it… They needed the JB to see what will require updating. It JUST came out! Use the download links for Pangu attached to this site.

  55. Bulbous_squirrel says:

    Rocketbootstrap isn’t yet supported for 7.1. That’s a big part of the problems. They’re working on it. A little patience people!

  56. Jasper says:

    ANY ALTERNATIVE LINK TO DOWNLOAD PANGU! i can’t download the file……….. THANK YOU GUYSSS!!!

  57. berrios30 says:

    all is good with the 7.1.1 ipad 4 retina :)all my 7.0.6 cydia apps work with 7.1.1

    • berrios30 says:

      latest version of xcon works appcake 4 works appsync 7.0x works ifile cracked works harrison apps works substrate works to and adblocker installs perfect to

  58. Tommy says:

    Everyone saying the jb works which is great but more inportantly is there any tweaks that’s you’ve tested like; Activator Asphaleia Barrel Infinidock Swipe selection No doubt there’ll be bugs but how bad? Only reason to update now is because apple will stop signin iOS 7.1.1 soon. So any updates would be great on the tweaks

    • berrios30 says:

      activator 1.8.3 not good so far not supported yet

      • Keith E. Whisman says:

        Did you try installing it or are you just going off of the note that says your iOS is not supported? You have to ignore the warning and take a gamble… My favorite IntelliscreenX 7 isn’t working yet and gridlock isn’t working and JellyLock crashes when you try to add apps in the settings but it does unlock but you can’t launch anything with it.

  59. Bulbous_squirrel says:

    Dhavincy… yes, it’s well worth updating! do a back up first though. You’ll have unteathered jb with NO bugs.

  60. Bill says:

    As several people have asked - I have 7.1.1 on an iPhone 4 which is semi-tethered Jailbroken with GEEKSNOW Do I need to restore it or can I safely jailbreak woth Pangu? Many thanks

    • Jason Greenway says:

      yes you will need to restore before useing this jailbreak, make sure to unlock and hit the pangu button.

  61. Bulbous_squirrel says:

    Please stop saying that they wasted an exploit. THEY DIDN’T!!! ios 8 will be totally different. The real truth is, if they didn’t put this jb out vefore ios 7 became unable to sign, this exploit would’ve been wasted! ios 8 will be ALL new. The exploits on 8 will be completely different. It will be wasting an exp’oit, if they JB IOS 8 before it reaches a stable release. IOS 7 was jB too soon and was full of bugs. Apple patched it when it became stable leaving us having to wait. I hope they DON’T make the same mistake and JB 8 too soon causing the same problem all over again. Pangu, you did well! thank you. Everyone having trouble… watch the video and download Pangu from this Evasi0n site like it says!

  62. Dhavincy says:

    I have an iphone 5s with a jailbroken ios 7.0.4. Is it worth it for me to upgrade to ios 7.1.1 and rejailbreak?

    • Keith E. Whisman says:

      Duh, yes! Do a complete fresh restore to iOS 7.1.1 and then use pangu to jailbreak. A lot of tweaks aren’t working but give it a week or two and they’ll be up and working.

  63. Davis says:

    Terry, is that what you did? And did it work for you ?

  64. Keith E. Whisman says:

    It worked the first time for me on my iPad Air and iPhone 5S on my Dell laptop. Just follow along with the video and it’ll work for you. Make sure you set iTunes to not auto sync when plugged in and you have to do is turn off auto time and set the date and time and then click that ?????? Button on the side that should say start but only says ?????? Whatever… After a few seconds you’ll see the pangu icon on your phone if not make sure you have an open app slot on your second screen or it won’t work at least it didn’t for me until I moved an app from my second screen and then click it when it does show up and then do nothing. It was very painless and took only a few minutes…

  65. Terry says:

    Apple users can install Parallels which will allow them to run any version of Windows. Comes in handy when only a PC version of software is released.

  66. Martin says:

    Can you change the time and date back to its original state

  67. faisal khan says:


  68. waleedalzaidy says:

    i have an iphone 4 semitethered jailbroken,,should i proceed with the new jailbreak or restore first..

  69. Síon says:

    The thx thx thx you are best

  70. Donnie says:

    Worked like a charm .. Im pretty sure the other guys video a couple weeks ago were B.S. . If they had it we would have got it.Looks like pangu is the new go to.

  71. Mike says:

    please update pangu

  72. Brandon says:

    Thanks the team (person) for this great jailbreak. Love you all

  73. lee says:

    having an issue, the icon comes on the iphone 5, starts then the pc program say’s pangu_v1.0 exe has stopped working, and the iphone is still has pingu open what now?

  74. b h says:

    forgot to say:ipad 3 wifi 16gb ios 7.1.1

  75. b h says:

    worked like a charm!less then 5 min. followed the video tutorial.cheers.

  76. joao says:

    Done and working on iphone 4. thanks!!!

  77. Chris says:

    I get all the way through the steps up to the point where cydia should show up but the time on the phone keeps going back to the default time automatically. I set it in airplane mode. disabled wi-fi.. factory reset.. Still can’t figure it out. Any ideas of something I am missing?

  78. Peter says:

    It worked fine for me without a single hitch. Thank you soooo much!!! Well done!

  79. brian says:


  80. Gilbert Jaramillo Jr says:

    Someone please let me know when we can jailbreak on our macs 505-917-3126 , I have no windows computers in my house. Thanks

  81. Nitroxygen says:

    I was the whole night in front of my PC and has try to free my 4s,you must have a little patience and try again and again.And people,open your eyes there are so much DL links..on the chinese website its much harder to find and understand things…But its really cool to have a JB for 7.1.1 and im sure,for 7.1.2 and 8 coming tools to JB from our industrious and resourceful developers..cheers and good modding

  82. Mark says:

    How long before a Mac version comes on line?

  83. Nirco says:

    It works fine, thank you guys!!!!! I tested in Ipad Air and Iphone 5S

  84. bigladandy says:

    i followed step by step but my ipad mini keep restarting and coming up with welcome to pangu jailbreak? what have i done wrong?

  85. Lucas says:

    Is any tweaks that I can download apps for free or a Screen Recorder?

  86. Thx For The Jailbreak But … Anyway THx .

  87. Muzamil says:

    it was a wasted jailbreak exploit mow apple will patch this for IOS 8 i think that was good exploits for jailbreaking IOS 8 it was really a wasted opportunity

  88. salustrio says:

    valió la espera si me funciono…..! pero instalo el repo666.ultrasn0w.com y no reconoce mi tarjeta sim tienen algún repo para que reconozca mi tarjeta sim. Muchas gracias.

  89. Danny says:

    Is anyone else having problems getting tweaks to work?

  90. Danny says:

    Anyone else having issue getting some tweaks to work

  91. Precious says:

    Thank you so much!!! The long wait is over!!More power to you and everyone behind this successful jailbreak of IOS 7.1.1..=)

  92. Jason Greenway says:

    This Jailbreak worked GREAT!!! iPhone4 ios 7.1.1 fully untethered. (Just make sure to follow video people, I got NO ERRORS.) What a great day in the Jailbreak Community. Thank you guys for pushing this release.

  93. JamesD says:

    I got to a point of the red ????. (first time I clicked on the start button in the PC app again, and it went through the whole process again, then returned to the red ????.) I planned on doing a manual ios load, so I closed the pangu application on both my PC and iPhone 4s 7.1.1, then springboarded the phone (powered off the phone, then held the home button along with the power button to boot it on). It displayed a quick message saying enjoy the unlock, and cydia was loaded once it booted up!

    • cybermario says:

      cydia works for you? i got cydia app too but when i try to install something i recieve error 2, and springboard but nothing installed, tried again, same…

  94. Tosinn says:

    Got my phone to jailbreak with no problem at all. This is the first time I’ve tried to jailbreak a phone so it was easy. Guessing I have to wait for the apps inside of cydia to work with 7.1.1? Because I tried redsn0w to get my phone unlocked but it didn’t recognize it.

  95. Akash says:

    Jailbreak completed. but my all data gone.

  96. Daniel says:

    I try to jailbreak my iphone 4 and before it finish and click on the app of pangu a storage message appears and then my iphone restart itself and when it finish i see a white screen with te messae:Welcome to pangu Jailbreak and then it restart it again and appears the apple symbol,i restore it with itunes but doesn’t work,do u have an idea of what can i do for fix it?

    • suffering dude says:

      same problem, how do we fix this?

    • adrian says:

      de la deseperacion presione el boton home repetidamente junto con el boton de bloqueo y casualmente aparecio aparecio unas pantallas mas hasta uno que decia enjoy cidya y ya me dejo entrar con cydia instalado :/

  97. Olivier says:

    I’m at work, so I don’t know for sure, but those of you who are having problems should know that many issues with JB are solved when you do a complete restore always with itunes, NOT VIA SETTINGS!!! Then, you can do JB. Please tell if this solved your issue…

  98. Guilhemre says:

    works like a charm! you have to click on the ???? and then change the hour.

  99. JRip says:

    After installing and playing with a few hacks my screen is now blank and won’t come on. The phone is on I can hear Siri and taking a picture click. Can’t restore without turning off Find My Phone. Any suggestions??

    • JRip says:

      Reinstalling Pangu again and it restarted my phone it’s back up now but it makes me nervous. I wonder if it was the hack that did it or one of the Cydia hacks I performed…

  100. Mike says:

    Hi, Does this Jailbreak use up alot of space on your phone? Mine was only 16gb to start with, and now theres only a few gb left, so will this take up all the remaining space? thanks.

  101. Jose Villanueva says:

    How do i download the program.?

  102. Bulbous_squirrel says:

    It says 5s right away… READ! For those having trouble… watch the video! Ugh! Oh and now all will see that Evasi0n (or whoever else) will have no problem jbing ios 8 when the time comes because as I said before, each team that makes a JB does it THEIR OWN way! Furthermore… ios 8 is going to be a re-write of the os, meaning that there will be a whole new bunch of exploits to find and use. My hope is that they wait for the os to be very stable before they release it! (learning from the ios 7 mistake) Just don’t buy the new devices that comd out until then so that you aren’t stuck without a JB. Then… everyone wins!!!! Thank you Pangu! As for Iconic… you are a douchebag for teasing us as you did. NOT COOL!

  103. Bulbous_squirrel says:

    It says 5s right away… READ! For those having trouble… watch the video! Ugh! Oh and now all will see that Evasi0n (or whoever else) will have no problem jbing ios 8 when the time comes because as I said before, each team that makes a JB does it THEIR OWN way! Furthermore… ios 8 is going to be a re-write of the os, meaning that there will be a whole new bunch of exploits to find and use. My hope is that they wait for the os to be very stable before they release it! (learning from the ios 7 mistake) Just don’t buy the new devices that comd out until then so that you aren’t stuck without a JB. Then… everyone wins!!!! Thank you Pangu! As for Iconic… you are a douchebag for teasing us as you did. NOT COOL!

  104. Esenes Stan says:

    What about iPhone 5s ??

  105. Soula says:

    Where do I go to jailbreak and where do I go to download the program

  106. David says:

    Mine says iTunes?????itunes????! Where it should say the phone model and version

  107. maher says:

    pleas man its worked but… i didnt see cydia i just saw something called PP. can you tell me what is the problem and how i can fix it

  108. Jason says:

    if i the geeksnow jail break do i need to restore back to stock first?

  109. marco says:

    pangu recongized my iphone4 as an “iphone3,3” is that bad or……

  110. ertu says:

    after jailbreak the carrier will work? any kind of simcard i can use?

  111. itsdoebaby says:

    I pressed start again, once I got the red message.. and now I am rebooting

  112. felix says:

    i followed the instructions to the point. and now it keeps loading the enjoy the jail break screen then it fades out (differently every time) and ten goes back to boot logo and then back to enjoy the jail break repeat endlessly the only other screen i can get to is plug into itunes oh well time for a restore

  113. itsdoebaby says:

    I just got to something in red, anyone get this?

  114. itsdoebaby says:

    currently trying to iphone 4 with ios 7.1.1. will post results when complete…

  115. Nero says:

    I mean “…not having 7.1.1?”

  116. Nero says:

    Is it really necessary to update to 7.1.1? I’m on 7.1.0 and pangu recognizes it as 7.1.0. anyways I followed all other step (except updating to 7.1.1) but after the second reboot I don’t see cydia? is that related to not having 7.1.0?

  117. D says:

    Is it safe??

  118. connor d says:

    Yeah, the date must be used to complete the exploit but can be changed back when the cydia icon is on your phone

  119. M Teguh Fh says:

    ok i’ll try

  120. Rik Gierman says:

    Flawless, it works great! 😀

  121. Alex says:

    where do i download the tool ???

  122. Rik Gierman says:

    After all is done, can i set the time back to normal?

    • Evasion Admin says:


      • varun says:

        after followed exactly all the steps with the help of video, i put the activated SIM card i can see the network but it is prompting “SIM not valid” The SIM card that you currently have…. TRY again when i pressed try again.. It comes with the screen It may takes a few minutes to activate your iphone and then it finally comes with Your Iphone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached.. Please Evasion help me.. Awaiting for your kind response.. Many thanks in advance

        • Mike says:

          This is a Jailbreak, not a Sim Unlock. There’s something else that you need to do to unlock it, but i am not sure, and am having the same problem as you

          • Kevin says:

            ot sure why this did it, but: i ejected my phone because of this message and reconnected, and the Your Iphone could not be activated because the activation server cannot be reached.. message went away

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